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"As always, the best products and the best service. Thanks so much!" E. Kasica, New York, New York
"You have one of the top sports games on the market and, by far, the best basketball games. I will continue to be a loyal Cactus League customer as long as you are in business." S. Brown, Moriavian Falls, NC
"Very nice game... looks like I will be getting literally thousands of hours of enjoyment out of this :)" E. Cannon, Los Angeles, CA
"The Real Time Pro Basketball in unbelievable. It amazes me how you can keep everything up to date week by week. I just played a double overtime game between the Mil. Bucks and S.A. Spurs (I'm coaching the Spurs this year) and lost by 2 points after leading by as many as 19 earlier in the game. It's just like coaching real basketball when you see players go from being hot to not being able to "buy a basket." Also, your game is a great way to learn everything about any player, which has helped me with my Fantasy Basketball teams this year. Thanks for a great product." J. Daniel, South Padre Island, TX
"Have been enjoying Cactus League products since the inception and have been very pleased with all of the enhancements... A wonderful  simulation - very enjoyable."  K. Wozniak, Haddonfield, NJ
"As always, Cactus League is the best! It sure is a pleasure doing business with a company like yours. You deserve all the praise you get, because your customer service is top notch in every way, especially in this day and age where even decent customer service is a rarity." S. Maraccini, San Francisco, CA
"The game continues to remain unparalleled to any other text-based or video in realistic flow, statistical accuracy, an obvious underlining sophistication and outwardly easy user-friendly environment..." A. Matthews, New York, NY
"I just wanted to drop a line about the latest version: Once again you made a spectacular product even more so. I cannot believe the intricacies in the game. I find new things every day. Once again, very nice job!" P. Mullany, Mifflinburg, PA
"Your simulation is FUN and accurate - endearing qualities in this world.  Thanks." C. Neubauer, Rogers, IA
"I have been playing Cactus Basketball since the mid-nineties when I first purchased a DOS version. I have seen the game evolve and get better and better each year... I have been a loyal customer because Cactus has the best basketball game on the market. I will now consider myself a lifetime customer because Cactus also has the best tech support of any sports software game I have ever owned!"  D. Christensen, Roselle, IL
"... another perfect and very fast response from you. What a great job and a great product you guys have."  J. Heiser, Schaefferstown, PA
"Your games are by far the best for statistical accuracy and fun! Thanks for backing great products with great support." G. Griffin, Washington, ME
"Thanks for both Pro Basketball for Windows and the new College Game For Windows. Add in the AutoMerge for pro along with the AutoSchedule Creator and all the stats that come with both and it will make this long cold winter very enjoyable. Now I can coach my teams the way I thought they should have been coached! Thanks and keep up the good work." J. Duffy, Bettendorf, IA
"Everything to do with Cactus League is top notch. You guys are truly amazing." J. Beighley, Jr., Yorkville, NY
 "I had hundreds of hours of fun with the season. What an amazing and accurate game!  I really got to know the players and the teams and could enjoy their games more when they were on TV, since I had already coached the players and knew them like friends..." J. Morton, Newtown, PA
"You guys are amazing with your patience and, as always, provide the absolute best games & service of any company." R. Dunn, Ormond Beach, FL
"I own both your college and pro basketball games and enjoy them very much. I own all the seasons and I am never bored." G. Costas, Boardman, OH
"I've been playing your Basketball Game for several months and it's far and away the best basketball sim on the market. I know I've played 'em all. Your product is superior on so many levels it's not funny. Your support is amazing. On a summer Sunday afternoon, I asked a question and within 5 minutes, I had the answer I needed. This isn't the first time you guys have been so responsive. You've got a customer for life here." R. Nichnadowicz, Clark, N.J.
"Your support is the best of any of the game companies." R. Maiuri, Sterling Heights, MI
"I purchased Cactus Pro Basketball last week and am very impressed - this is the best text-based sports sim I've ever played, and I've been a sports gamer for 30+ years. Great job on the accuracy, play by play, graphics, and navigation. It blows away everything else I've played." S. Carter, Van Buren, AR
"Let me congratulate all of you on a superior product. The statistical accuracy, playability, user options, stat/data collection, play by play and arena pics set this game apart... You guys run a very impressive operation." D. Prince, Irving, TX
"Simply put, Cactus League Basketball is the best!" D. Harris, Campbellsville, KY
"I truly enjoy the game and the ease of doing business with your company. I discovered you a couple of years ago while doing an Internet search for a simulation that wasn't a joystick game. I wanted something with statistical accuracy, playability and it had to be fast and easy to use. Boy, did I get what I wished for! I'm having a blast with 'Real-Time', season replays, playoff tournaments, team replays, all-star teams, trades, and whatever else I can create - quickly. I'm a big kid who is hooked on your games. Thanks for an enjoyable diversion from everyday life!" J.Coppola, Buffalo, NY
"The best basketball game I've played." R. Casebier, Arlington, TX
"Once again Cactus proves it is the best company with the best products." J. Madson, Philadelphia, PA
"The game is great and your customer service level is outstanding." J. O'Rourke, Goodyear, AZ
"I downloaded the basketball game today and you guys have made some incredible improvements to an already incredible game." G. Megibben, Paris, KY
"I have been a customer for only a day and I feel like everyone at Cactus has extended the most kind and courteous service I have ever experienced on the net (and most retail stores, too). Thank you very much for making me feel at home with this game and your company." P. Graham, Springfield, MO
"You guys are first class and it shows in your products." S. Minskoff, New York, NY
"Your simulations are certainly the finest around." J. Mesaros, Columbus, OH
"Thank you very much. Both games I ordered exceeded my expectations. Will look forward to dealing with you again." Mr S J Edwards, Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom
"VERY easy... VERY powerful." R. Anderson, Schenectady, NY
"I spend 2-4 hours PER DAY playing this game! I am hooked." M. Mitchell, Bellevue, WA
"Easy to install. Easy to play. Lots of fun!." C. Herrera, Orange, TX
"I thought I was making a good decision by buying the _____ game because it was cheaper. Boy, was I wrong. In this case, cheaper isn't better. I won't get fooled again. I'm playing only Cactus League from now on." J. Anthony, New York, NY
"The game is phenomenal." J. Larson, Omaha, NE
"... extremely easy to play and incredibly realistic. I love the new 'Matchups" strategy." J. Mindineall, Auburn, AL
"Have been enjoying Cactus League products since the inception and have been very pleased with all of the enhancements... A wonderful  simulation - very enjoyable."  K. Wozniak, Haddonfield, NJ
"It's a pleasure doing business with genuine people for a change. Thank you to the gentleman I spoke with. He was very pleasant and helpful when I placed my order." M. Rockwood, Grand Rapids, MI
"Thanks for the great simulations and for allowing me to enjoy the NBA and MLB so far away from home." R. Pohl, Duesseldorf, Germany
"____ and ____ are not in your league." A. Walters, Mountain View, CA
"Nobody knows basketball like Cactus!"  K.C. Billings, Cheyenne, WY
"I've only owned the game for a week, but I already know this is the best computer game I have ever played." A. Weinrib, New York, NY
"Thanks again for the prompt replies and great support. It's one of the reasons I'm a longtime customer. You folks have always been extremely helpful to me. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment." D. Brown, Fountain Valley, CA
"This is the best $80 I've ever spent!" C. Scarborough, Oakdale, MN
"I have just discovered you. Finally, after all these years, I have found a GREAT game that is easy to play. Every other basketball game I've played caused so many technical problems that it wasn't worth my time. Now I can focus on coaching and playing, without having to reconfigure my computer. I am so happy to have found a company that knows basketball AND how to program a game that is easy and fun! I guess you get what you pay for." J. Baldwin, Chicago, IL
"I am disgusted with other companies' hype about their games, when, in reality, they just aren't very good. Some companies even fake their "message boards" to make it look like their games are well liked. I won't get fooled again. Cactus League sticks with the facts, doesn't overhype their games and gives me the highest quality sports games I have ever played. You should find some way to warn people, so they don't waste their money on other companies' junk." J. Flanagan, Cleveland, OH
"Thanks for a great game. I am still discovering some of the features and options. I just love the design of the game. The graphics and text are top notch." B. Hessel, Columbus, NE
"This version is truly great -- a wonderful expansion on a product that was already the model for all sports games. And the nicest thing are all the little surprises which keep popping up (logos, coaches, play-by-play events, etc). Keep up the great work!"
"Everything seems to work perfectly."
"The game is the greatest it’s ever been."
"This game has probably consumed weeks off my life in the past 10+ years, when adding the hours I’ve played it, and when I get the new version, I’m going to have to really watch out."
"Believe me, it's really, really great."
"Without a doubt, Cactus has always had the best play-by-play of any sports simulation.  Now, with more season and game specific info incorporated into the text, it's even better."
"It seems like a great leap up for the product."
"The game looks in superb shape. Congratulations."
"Cactus has really scored with this version!"

"I really enjoy your game and think it's great, especially the fact that you appreciate the history of the NBA enough to provide seasons all the way back to 1946-47. I have been playing the '51-'52 teams and find that it jives with my childhood recollections of the way the NBA was at that time. Another game that I tried was more headache-inducing and more prone to artificial outcomes. Yours is a super game!"

"All the new features are wonderful."
"Let me say it is an awesome upgrade."
"Everything looks great, like always."
"Thanks for working so hard to make this fantastic game available!"
"I've been playing frequently and everything that’s there has been working exceptionally well for me. The play-by-play is very smooth. I have the detail cranked all the way up and believe that the PBP has a very authentic feel."
"Cactus Development has done a great job over the last 12 years since I became a customer."
"It is an awesome upgrade."

"I love the new arena pictures."

"All of the new features make what was already the best game even better."
"Cactus always delivers the best in basketball simulation and the new version will continue to do so."
"I am amazed how you guys can keep getting better and better!"
"The play-by-play is far ahead of any sport simulation game."
"You guys have outdone yourselves this time with this version."
"Very easy to change the look to keep everything fresh."
"The new version has to be the most awesome sports upgrade in the history of gaming."
"Every year I say the same thing. I can't believe that you've made the best sports game ever even better. Congratulations on the new version. Your games always give me the most bang for my buck." F. Santangello, New York, NY
"Without a doubt, the finest, most realistic, and most enjoyable sports simulation games ever created," J. Morton, Newtown, PA
"The latest versions of both the professional and college basketball games are fantastic. The improvements to each game continue to set them apart from all other simulations. Cactus has always been the leader, especially the play-by-play text. The text flows seamlessly and gives a great feel for the game. Your tech support helped me with moving my seasons between my home desktop and my laptop. The advice worked great. Again, thanks for the products and service!" D. Harris, Campbellsville,KY

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